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L – April 15, 2014

Posted on Apr 15, 2014

L is for…Little things

Cause they matter. Like holding hands with someone I love while walking or going for a drive. The feeling of the warm sun on my back through the window on a cold day. Hearing someone say I love you or I miss you. A hot cup of coffee early in the morning (ESPECIALLY when someone else makes it) Watching the kitties sleep in their baskets or the dog curled up on the couch. Clean sheets  and blankets on the bed. A campfire in the backyard. BBQ’d…anything! Funny notes from Ryleigh hidden in my drawer and purse. Texts and IM’s from Lucas throughout the day. Pleases and Thank-You.The sounds of the kids reading. The feeling of warm spring air. Getting to show someone what they mean to me and having them return the feeling. The taste of the first bite of a meal that you have been waiting for.  Watching my children play together with their cousins. A hot bath when you are really worn out.  Seeing flowers growing through the frosty ground. The sound of kids laughing. Watching my family be a family.

Enjoy  the little things  of life. (Focusing on them is whats keeping me going right now.

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