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Well I guess I should say welcome!

Lets make a deal ok? What happens here stays here: because the internet is totally safe in the regard right? And also I totally trust you.

This blog acts as my journal. As a way for ME to get everything thats flopping around in my head out there where it belongs. When I write it down suddenly the scary is not so scary anymore; it somehow becomes funny or beautiful or beautifully funny (which is totally the BEST!). And also 140 character just ain’t enough most days. I will ramble about my kids and how they are most definitely better/cuter/smarter/funnier than any other children on this earth.  I will drone on about my crazy animals. I will spill the beans on my family’s secrets. I will also most likely always spell things wrong and never use commas correctly (thanks for nothing College Communications!! YOU ROCK!!)

I will find here that which I haven’t been able to find elsewhere. I will find peace. I will find happiness. I will find the humour in the things that aren’t funny at all, but need to be in order to be survived. I thank you joining me on my journey of crazy insane (or is it insane crazy? Slim Shady where you at??). I welcome you inside my head where it’s generally a pretty rad place to be. And from the bottom of my heart:  Thank you Mr. Internet, for being my medication.